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Find Brake Repairs & Services With Us In Bloomington, Indiana

When it comes to vehicle safety, properly working brakes are essential to the drivers of Bloomington, Indiana, and without frequent brake checks and repairs, you could be driving on borrowed time. Combat the wear and tear of stop-and-go traffic and visit our service experts at Community Mitsubishi of Bloomington for a brake checkup. Our team knows a thing or two about your stopping system as we only employ experts when it comes to looking over your vehicle. 

How Often Should You Inspect Your Brakes?

Typically, your brake pads will need to be replaced every 50,000 miles - but it all depends on your driving habits. If you’re pushing your brakes hard, or if you frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic, your brake pads may wear out at a faster rate. If you start to notice a squealing or scraping noise whenever you press your brake pedal, it is time to have an expert examine your vehicle.

When that time comes, we encourage all Bloomington, IN, drivers to visit our Community Mitsubishi service department so that we can diagnose the quality of your brakes and ensure your continued safe travels. We offer a variety of well-priced services, and we always get the job done on time. Our ASE Certified technicians can work on all types of brakes systems such as anti-lock brakes (ABS) and even disc brakes. 

Some of the services we offer will include:

  • Examining Car Disc Brake Systems
  • Replacing Brake Pads and Fluid
  • Monitoring Your Brake Pads For Wear

But our expert service team does more than just brakes. We can also change your oil and air filters, add all seasons times from Michelin to your car, and even get your Mitsubishi vehicle running it’s best with an auto tune-up. 

The next time your vehicle starts squeaking, be sure to choose the experts at our new and used Community Mitsubishi of Bloomington dealership. Start by scheduling service online and get the service you need now.