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2200 S Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN 47401

Car Repair and Service Department | CommunityCars.com Service Department

With highly trained service teams at each of our Community locations it is easy to keep up with your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule and find the full spectrum automobile service you are looking for.

We provide these services in Bloomington, Spencer, Martinsville, and Moorseville, as well as serve the surrounding communities:

  • Oil Change. Regular oil changes protect your engine from excessive wear and provide the perfect opportunity to check other vital fluids and systems.

  • Coolant Replacement. Radiator fluid is an essential part of the coolant system which dissipates engine heat and prevents overheating. Over time the chemical properties of the fluid break down.

  • Blade Wiper Replacement. Enhancing safe driving in bad weather, wiper blades need regular replacement. We can even replace that odd-sized rear window wiper blade.

  • Tire Replacement and Rotation. Our tire replacement options feature the highest quality long-wearing tires to preserve your vehicle's ride and handling.

  • Battery Replacement. Your battery should be tested regularly and replaced when it becomes weak. We have the right size and shape for your car or truck.

  • Brake Repair and Replacement. Using only the highest quality brake replacement parts ensures that you will not have annoying squeaky stops and dusty tires after your brake repair.

  • Check-Engine Service. When the “check engine” light comes on, schedule car service or come in for a diagnostic right away to prevent a breakdown.

  • Air Conditioning Repair. The air conditioner not only cools the air in summer, it also dehumidifies, and is essential to defrosting and defogging in the wintertime.

  • Suspension Repair. The suspension system provides a smooth ride and safe handling. If something is pulling, bouncing, or making noise, let our team diagnose the problem.

  • Auto Recalls. If you receive a recall notice in the mail, schedule service as soon as possible. This work is likely to be at no cost to you.

  • Auto Detailing. Detailing not only brings back that new car smell and interior shine, it prolongs the life of interior fabrics, leather, and carpets.

  • Service Specials. Service coupons and seasonal offers are available to keep staying on track with scheduled maintenance and repairs affordable.

  • Custom or Replacement Parts. Our parts departments will locate your factory recommended parts for repair and replacement, as well as custom options and accessories for all of your adventures.

  • Body Shop Collision Repair. Whether it is a scratch or a more extensive collision repair, our body shops can restore the damage to factory finish. Schedule an appointment for an accurate and complete estimate.

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No matter your vehicle's make, model, or location of purchase, our teams are trained to service them all. With a Community location near you, scheduling your appointment today is easy.

Just fill out the contact form to schedule a service appointment, order parts, or call in to talk to one of our experts live and in person. Don't forget to check out the service specials at each site!

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